New features added to the game.

Previously, training levels would get stuck when wrestlers reached the maximum level of training. It would remain there unchanged and the strategy of the wrestlers would remain the same. Now, we have a new twist to the system: Injuries. Injuries will change the way wrestler train themselves.

A wrestler can be injured when he is in a match. The chances are low, but it can happen. Now if a person is injured, the training level of the wrestlers attributes would go down. The decrease in attribute would depend upon the type of injury. Also, it is important to remember that the more you play matches the more likely you are to get injured.

Now do we need to worry that injuries will seriously effect our gameplay? Not really! If we are injured and the wrestler's attribute goes down, you still can train the attributes back to the maximum. So it is not really much of a worry. All you need to do extra is train back your wrestlers attribute. However in the brighter side, you can play with your training. You can change the training easily with the new Injury system, so you will have chance to change the training and work with it. You can see if some moves work better with a set of training.


Wrestler Unstoppable Wiki is here

Wrestler Unstoppable wiki has started. It is an encyclopedia of the facebook application Wrestler Unstoppable. It has just started so we will gradually be adding more information in the wiki everyday. The good feature in the wiki is that everyone can contribute the information the wiki so you can both add more information or edit previous information. We can include information of moves, combos, training, companies, and also profiles of wrestlers, stables, companies, and many more. We think it would be very helpful for all wrestler unstoppable players especially the rookies. Link to the wiki:


Wiki for Wrestler Unstoppable.

Do you think Wrestler Unstoppable needs its own wiki where you can get all the information you need? We can include information of moves, combos, training, companies, and also profiles of wrestlers, stables, companies, and many more. We think it would be very helpful for all wrestler unstoppable players. We could start a wiki but we need all of your support. You may already know, wiki is a website successful only if the users contribute information. So, if everyone is determined to help create a wiki for Wrestler Unstoppable we could soon start one.


New Hompage

Check out the new look of Wrestler: Unstoppable! Featuring a clean user interface and updated graphics, our new homepage is not only easy to use but easy on the eyes! A few exciting changes include streamlined training tasks (now located on the right side of your screen), Missions/Goals which can help you earn rewards, and a full display of all unlocked Company slots as well as a highlighted menu selection component for simple navigation.

New Navigation Rundown

Home Tab: Takes you to your homepage with the Newsfeed and Training options
Get Bucks Tab: Click to convert Facebook Credits into Wrestler Bucks
Friends Tab: View the friends you’ve made inside and outside the ring

Edit Profile: Edit your story and create a unique persona! NOTE: To view your wrestler’s profile as others would click your name located next to your buck’s amount.
Edit Moves: Need to jazz up your repertoire? Add and edit moves by clicking this button located directly to the left of your wrestler.

Go to Store: Nab the hottest threads for your Wrestler.

VS Icon: Your matches queue, click VS to go to your next match in line to hand a few beatings.
Inbox (Mail Icon): View all private messages sent between you and other members of the wrestling community.

Refresh (Top Right Corner): Since the link in the URL bar is no longer unique use our in-game refresh button to refresh the contents of your Wrestler window.
Link (Top Right Corner): Get the direct URL for the screen in which you are viewing. The URL at the top of your browser will only lead to the main WU page.
Settings (Top Right Corner): Silence the smackdowns and profile music with the Music and Dound buttons. Shut off animations for the 3D match by clicking the Animations button.

Search: In search of a special someone? Use our Search Function located directly to the left of the newsfeed on the grey, vertical bar.
Fan Club: Want to know who is supporting you? Click the Fan Icon to see a list of all the people who’ve fanned you.
Publish Press Release: Press releases are for global announcements so think big scale before clicking the “P” icon.
Start Scene: If you have something on your mind click the Clapboard Icon to let your inner circle know. NOTE: Scenes are by default invite only, if you want to allow others into it, be sure to change the permissions.


Missions are a great way to jump right in and explore all elements the game. Missions are a collection of tasks assigned to each Wrestler. Once you’ve successfully completed a Mission you’ll receive a reward (e.g. coins or XP).

Missions appear on the right side of your screen under the InstaMatch button. Clicking on a mission will display its details. As you complete each task, your progress with be tracked and displayed within the mission window. Completing a mission will unlock new missions and goals for your Wrestler to strive for, in addition to any rewards you receive for a job well done.

Public Company Update

Choosing a Public Company has become seamless! Each wrestler will now receive one extra slot just for a Public Company. You'll no longer have to manually join rather you will graduate through the Company ranks. The progression to becoming the next big thing has never been easier.

We've rolled out a new public company system today that's quite a bit different than what we've had. I want to take a moment to explain some of the changes and why we've made them.

All wrestlers will be in one, and only one, public company at a time. We've given everyone an additional company slot for this purpose. Wrestlers move up to a higher level company by completing a Goal that is associated with that company - for example, winning a certain number of matches in the company.

As you move up, the match payouts for coins and XP increase.

We have removed the global InstaMatch. Instead, clicking InstaMatch will find you an opponent in your current public company. One of the serious problems we had was that new users were getting matched up against experienced players and getting whipped pretty good, discouraging them from playing. Now, players will only compete against players at their own level. We also wanted to be sure that wrestlers always have someone to fight, so in public companies, the only way to wrestle is by InstaMatch. Now, any time you log in, you'll be able to fight in matches that matter.

The old public companies are still around, but will removed in a few weeks. You'll be removed automatically from that company at that time.

There are no titles in these companies. It's just extremely difficult to manage this when players are having to move up to new companies. We will, however, have regular tournaments and events in these companies, so stay tuned.

Wrestler Unstoppable supports facebook credits!

Wrestler: Unstoppable now supports Facebook Credits! In order to make this transition as smooth as possible the process will be as follows: in order to purchase Wrestler Bucks you will first need to purchase Facebook credits. With those credits you will then have the ability to convert them over to Wrestler Bucks. This will hopefully ease the conversion pain and will make those who already have bucks unaffected by the change.

Offers to earn credits are accessible by clicking the banner located below our app entitled “Click Here to Earn Facebook Credits.” To get a leg up on offers go here:

If you aren't aware of how Facebook credits work please go here for the full rundown:

For any issues regarding Facebook credits please contact Facebook directly by clicking here:

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